I have been working in broadcast television and video production as a cameraman/editor since 1993.

As cameraman I can work under direction in single or multi-cam environments, as well as working independently. I am often called upon to work in situations with limited time or crew, so am very proficient when it comes to lighting design and audio skills too.

You may notice that some of the backgrounds to these pages contain screen captures - all of these images are shot by me
(and these are just he ones I can get hold of now!).
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I have always combined a passion for camerawork with that of editing. Although available seperately for camerawork I am also an acomplished editor, incorporating additional skills as an After Effects compositor.

My background in editing was with linear tape, piloting multi VTR suites with a relentless muscle memory speed that was required for effiicency back then. Now I have transferred this skillset to non linear platforms from Avid MC/DS, FCP, Premiere and quite a few other brands!

As an editor at Sky UK Ltd, I have constant broadcast credits, principally covering Arts, documentary, factual and sport.
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